wise shopping online

Hi i have been in the building industry for around thirty years.  we do concrete work . paving ceramic tilling brickwork

hard plastering . In doing so i have purchased a lot of tools over the years. some that have been great . and some that should have been left on the shelf. . So to help those that like to shop online, i intend to do a review of some great tools . the first  one is a brand name. Dewalt i have purchased a lot of dewalt tools over the years. i still have a dewalt jackhammer. a small one with a mighty punch.

Its funny when i rock up to do a job ,many will look at the jackhammer  and smirk. but when i get started they cant believe the power it punches out. I have had a battery operated dewalt drill . 18volt . This has been a strong worker as well. the outer casing is strong  so it takes the knocks. . the battery’s last a reasonable time  So being so impressed with dewalt i decided to purchase some drill bits.

They are strong compared to the throw away ones . stay sharper for longer and don’t snap as easily.   Most trades men and women will now Makita.  a brand name that has stood well over time. I have purchased a 9inch makita grinder . it has lasted me for 7 years and still going strong .  I  have used this to cut throw concrete paths , and kerbs .  Note i use a diamond blade . I  have also purchased a 5inch makita grinder , i use this for ceramic tilling.  i like how it dosnt have a high vibration . It helps when you need acurate cuts .

So there is a short list of some reviews of tools . i have plenty more to come . eg compactors . concrete troweling machines . concrete mixers  brick cutting tools . . So stay tuned for updates.


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